Photobooth Yourself

What you have been looking for but never found...

To make it very simple, Photobooth Yourself saves all the pictures taken by your webcam in a folder that you have previously specified.

If you have turned on the auto print functionality then it will send the picture to your default printer, otherwise the picture will just be saved.


The below 4 pictures represent the mandory steps in order to make the software work with your webcam:

photobooth yourself etape 1

Select the folder which will be used by the software in order to save your picutres.

photobooth yourself etape 2

Specify paper and ink capacity of your printer.

photobooth yourself etape 3

Activate your webcam and clic on SWITCH in case you need to select another available webacam.

photobooth yourself etape 4

Start the application and clic on SNAPSHOT to take pictures.